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Professional services for hardware, firmware and software.

FPGA Design written in VHDL† converted to symbols schematic via Mentor Graphics HDL import


Electronics Design Partners is the best choice for outsourcing product design.

We specialize in electronics.† Our portfolio also includes new product conceptualization, architecting, and introduction into the manufacturing environment.

Formally trained in project management we create and monitor schedules and budgets throughout the development cycle.

Whether it be a simple consult on a single technical issue or a full scale development effort, Electronics Design Partners can provide the service you need.† When economics or time constraints donít allow for growing your staff but you can't let a business opportunity slip away,† Electronics Design Partners will be your colleague.† We'll do it in less time and for less cost than doing it yourself.

Symbollic Schematic of FPGA Design

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E-mail: steve.kaminsky@electronicsdp.com

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